internship exchange

This portal is being maintained by the town of Detmold to facilitate internship exchanges - for students from Detmold to visit our twin towns, as well as for international students who are interested in doing an internship in Detmold. The aim is to bring students, host families, and corporations together as easily as possible, in our twin towns and in Detmold alike. Therefore, we adress three groups of people with decisive importance to this project of European exchange:



We wish to welcome international students to Detmold and to support them. If you are looking for an internship in Detmold, we will help you to find a suitable position as well as a host family. Our goal is to assist you in your arrival at a new location, in a new culture, so that you feel right at home here in Detmold.


Host families

To help international interns not only to work in Detmold but to arrive in a new environment as pleasantly and uncomplicated as possible, we want to establish a pool of people here in Detmold who are willing to accept a young person into their homes and their lives for the duration of his/her stay. Language skills are of help, but no neccessity. Please contact us if you'd like to bring a closer view of our town, culture, and life to young Europeans from our partner towns.



To be able to offer internships to students from our partner towns, we need local corportations who are willing to train young people from around Europe. Therefore, we maintain a data base of interested businesses and organizations to contact when potential interns are on the look for a position in Detmold. Whether you already have a well-defined trainee position on offer or simply want to support the idea, don't hesitate to contact us!